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Compressing encrypted data can lead to security problems.


I hate fucking nested moron unreadable jQuery syntax!

First of all please don't let my display name and picture fool you. I am a true good-looking and sexy idiot but I am very poor. My friends describe me as a highly driven individual with a wide range of skills, capable of doing anything. I describe myself as curious, intuitive, sincere and above all honest.

As an adult, I was called a lazy idiot. On any examinations I always got 0 out of 100. My parents had no idea that I have a learning disability until I found and that have changed my life.

Now I love mathematics, physics, and computer programming. I learnt Basic, Pascal, C/C++, Javascript, C#, Mathematica, Java, and Python. C# is the best. In addition, I also love eating, sleeping, cleaning, laughing and bothering other people. Feel free to let me bother you!

My mother always says "you should learn not only from smart people but also from stupid ones thereby you know how the stupid ones think".

In order to appreciate your effort, I always vote your answer up no matter the correctness of your answer.

I often compare PSTricks to a Swiss Army knife: age-old, trusted, incredibly versatile, yet potentially mind boggling and full of pointy things that could really hurt me. However after digging deeply into it and knowing the knife safety rules, then I don't look for another pocketknife.

By the way, based on the third law of Newton, my attitude is a reaction of your action. If you don't like my attitude, blame yourself!

Here is the source code.

Quotes of the day

  • Why waste time learning when ignorance is instantaneous?
  • If you can clearly see a \path, you can be sure it’s someone else’s, not yours.
  • Don't interrupt me while I am interrupting!
  • The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.
  • It is easier to optimize correct code than to correct optimized code.
  • Philosophy will mislead you to the truth.
  • Unlike learning martial arts, no computers will be injured as you learn to program.

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