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I use Blender

K, bye.

Hey there, still reading? Know something more about me then:

I am an art aficcionado... but the canvas and paints, appart from maybe printing paper and coloring pencils, were never very inspiring, this fact added of my interests in video games, computers and art styles derived from them as pixel art and chiptunes made me drift towards digital graphics, and eventually look for softwares to start creating, hearing about the open source and free ones after realizing it was somewhat an expensive pastime. My history with them open source softwares had it's start in the twenties and my attempts with 3D softwares are even younger, starting in the early 2010s.

Anyways, the digital environment gives me enough brain juice to produce decent pieces... I am not a pro though, more like a hobbist. And a heck of an entusiastic hobbist :)

Hope to some day be able to program something as accurate to imagination as possible. Turns out that creating something nice is easy, reproducing your mind perfectly is almost impossible. Wanna get there someday.

Don't have fave modelers/hard-surfacers/texturizers/noders/coders though, everyone that work on a field of the game/film/render pipeline do something I admire.

Anyways, this is a little something about me, if you think I am nice then keep in thouch :P

K, by.

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