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Source code questions in 2016
7 votes

Questions about code can be a way to have more accurate information about Blender's behavior even for end user usage. This is can be interpreted to be the case here or here. Another example is this ...

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Where should we draw the line between an answer and a full-blown tutorial?
2 votes

First sorry for my bad english. This kind of answers is much more difficult to write for me than technical one. Also, I may be sometimes out of scope of the question here. If you find I am, please ...

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Is there a way or a convention to know or indicate the first frames of a GIF?
1 votes

FYI, I have finally found that the screencast keys addon has a time option which does the job.

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When should an opinion based question be flagged?
0 votes

I was about to ask another question when I saw this one. My question was "when is it justified to give an answer that suggest another approach for the problem ?" This kind of answer is subjective ...

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