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Source code questions in 2016
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I am in full support of the proposition too. For an addon I needed to add control points to the fcurve envelope modifier. I've programmed in C / C++ but many moons ago. Even getting tips on which ...

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Reccomend including a .blend file in a new question
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Creating a totally Useless build up Further to answer of @RayMairlot, another thing to consider is the hosting provider. Policy for linking to blend files Should all "Ask A Question" pages ...

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Why are some names light blue in code markdown syntax highlighting?
2 votes

PEP8 style criteria. Quoting from the Best Practice Style Conventions For Blender/Python development we have chosen to follow python suggested style guide to avoid mixing styles amongst our own ...

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Change BSE's site description and intro section
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Blender Stack Exchange For users of Blender

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