In accordance with iKlsR's comment, here is a list of posts which would benefit from MathJaX. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to add to it as you like. Update: Now that MathJax is turned on, please update this list to show which posts have been successfully converted. Question How to understand the math behind Andrew Price's embedding his beer within ...


Thank you so much for pointing this out, this issue affected a large number of other users. The exact error, verbatim from the log: POST Content-Length of 12143120 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0 What was happening (to ALOT of users it seems, based on my error log), is that the file, which is sent in the HTTP post request, ...


I agree it is misleading to an extent. blender-render is a good rename/synonym since that's what it is labelled inside Blender. I went ahead and merged these and also added internal-render as a synonym as well. This should no doubt prevent any future accidental use.


I'd suggest something more encompassing and informative including links that can be used as close message for more cases. A more generic close text that covers more situations can make the life of reviewers easier, at the potential expense of sounding more like a generic canned response for the OP. Including useful links to help the user make his question ...


Until this is fixed you can use the inline link syntax: [Blender](http://www.blender.org): == Which renders as: Blender: Update The problem was that due to a bug in the markdown code, the Blender][1 part [Blender][1]: was considered a link hash (a normal link hash has the format of [{id}]:) and was stripped out. Fix will be rolling out shortly. Watch ...


Thanks for your patience. Yes, we will enable MathJax on Blender.SE! The one real catch is that enabling MathJax will break the formatting on a few posts. I looked into the situation (query here), and there are only ~20 posts which have in-line $ delimiters. Workable enough, but folks around these parts will still need to be willing to do a little manual ...


I would add that this same issue is visible on the site chat page: http://chat.stackexchange.com/?host=blender.stackexchange.com (oddly none of the other chat pages are styled with the new blender site theme.)


While you couldn't yet create your own tags, I thought it would be useful to point out that there is a privilege earned at 1500 reputation Create New Tags. Anyone who has 1500+ reputation can create a tag simply by Enter[ing] a new tag with your question and it will be created. When creating your new tag, bear in mind that tags ... must be no longer than ...


I've deleted the original question from the main site (something that the community and moderators could also have done). The post would have gotten deleted automatically anyway, but this just speeds things along. Since there are no existing posts with these tags on the site (as can be seen on their respective tag pages), the daily automated cleanup job ...


Sorry, I forgot to check and fix that part in the excitement of the launch :) The logo has a darker background now in those places.


This also occurs in any of the B.SE chat rooms. For example, part of the conversation with Mike Pan today: (Don't hate on Mike, he realized his mistake soon after :P) You can barely see the "Blender Stack Exchange" next to the new logo.


The new wording as of September 30, 2015 for the bug report close reason reads: This question appears to be about an issue caused by a bug in Blender. These should be reported to the official bug tracker. You can read more about the change here: Cleaning up our custom close reasons.


Done! Oded activated it this morning.


It has been added at https://blender.stackexchange.com/tour and there are links to what the community deems off-topic at https://blender.stackexchange.com/help/on-topic.


Thanks for the report :) I've submitted a fix, chances are it'll be live sooner rather than later. EDIT: The submitted fix is now live.


I received an email about this last Friday, and it was fixed earlier today: https://github.com/GiantCowFilms/Blend-Exchange/commit/c83b20679e658be0a0037b9f79ce1326ed33abc2 Thanks for the report! EDIT: gandalf3, true to form, had a better solution, the code has been updated to use it.


It has been fixed! ^^Now with SSL Certs (you can see that image link points to https). Thanks to @gandalf3 for recommending https://letsencrypt.org/, which allowed me to get free SSL certs for blend-exchange. I still have to update the copy-paste on the website. I will do that soon. in the mean time links can be manually fixed

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