Outside of bounties, no. A bounty is what you are looking for. In fact "thanking him by giving some of my reputation" is one of the reasons for offering a bounty. Reward existing answer One or more of the answers is exemplary and worthy of an additional bounty. After you offer a bounty, there is a time block (24 hours) that you have to wait till ...


You only get the 100 rep association bonus when you join a stackexchange site while having another SE site that has 200+ rep. How does "Reputation" work?. You only have (one) account.


Kind of. Reputation isn't shared between sites, but once you've earned 200 reputation on one SE site, you automatically receive an "association bonus" of 100 reputation on any SE site. This includes sites you are already a part of (including the site where you earned the 200 reputation), and sites you join later.


Does rep "directly achieve a better educational level of Blender," nope. It is possible that when you have more rep your questions will be looked at more, but still unlikely and about the most benefit you could get. So no rep has, and isn't meant to have any bearing on the educational value of the site. Reputation is a measure of trust (as one way to put ...


It simply means that a user is no longer on the site (their account was removed by request or by violating site rules). When an account is removed, so are the votes the user has cast, be it upvotes or downvotes. Read more on meta.so, What does "user was removed" mean and why did my reputation change because of it?.


Nope, no problem here. Look over on the right of the users page, you will see five buttons "week, month, quarter, year, all." In that screen shot you were viewing the "Month" page. Which sorts the users biased on how much rep they have gotten in the current month. The rep count displayed is also correlated to what page you are looking at (In this case a ...


I assuming you are referring to: How to make glowing particles, with a solid glowing center. Well there is not much you can do to change the votes on that question now. You could edit it to make it a bit clearer what you mean, specify that you are looking for the particle and material settings to make that particle effect. Yet even then the people who ...

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