In accordance with iKlsR's comment, here is a list of posts which would benefit from MathJaX. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to add to it as you like. Update: Now that MathJax is turned on, please update this list to show which posts have been successfully converted. Question How to understand the math behind Andrew Price's embedding his beer within ...


I capitalize the one letter keys, and F1 through F12. I specify the NumPad as such: Press NumPad 1 to switch to front view. The modifiers, I capitalize just the first letter such as Tab Ctrl Alt Shift. However I find that a lowercase space looks better.


For values i think its reasonable, eg: set the volume to 0.25, blender's default texture path is //textures but it shouldn't be used for emphasizing words alone.


I got the email from iKlsR regarding this request. I have now enabled highlighting of code section by default - using the default of python. From the few posts I have looked at that do have python, it looks good. Let me know if there are any issues with this.


ideasman42's answer is spot on. I use the backtick formatting for any input value, short text or numeric, and short code snippets. Example: "type 180/pi in to the Z axis rotation" or "a color vector is in the form of [Red, Green, Blue, Alpha]" I think using backtick formatting to clearly format the input for a model operator is proper. Example: "Press GZ ...


I'll answer your bullet points in order. Does anyone else think being able to natively typeset mathematical expressions would be valuable to Blender.SE? Yes I asked for it originally, and still think it would be useful. What would be required to enable MathJaX mathematical typesetting for Blender.SE? The SE devs set all that up, from our perspective ...


I vote for ⎈ CtrlR. This is the way it appears on the keyboard (at least on my keyboard), and as the formatting seems to be designed to represent a physical key, it might as well have the same case as a key. I don't see any reason to use lower case instead of upper case. The only case I can think of is to differentiate between shortcuts using ⇧ ...


Those are simply kbd tags, defined in the html spec, and styled as such on SE. Here is an example usage: When you really messed up, press AA then DeleteEnter. This is how the sage advice looks in code view: When you really messed up, press <kbd>A</kbd><kbd>A</kbd> then <kbd>Delete</kbd><kbd>Enter</kbd>. ...


As gandalf3 said in the comments, the site has no control over the spell checking, that is handled completely by the browsers. However you can add the trouble words to your own browser's dictionary. You can just right-click the word and select Add to dictionary. Instructions for Chrome and Firefox, (if you need instructions for a different browser try this ...


Thanks for your patience. Yes, we will enable MathJax on Blender.SE! The one real catch is that enabling MathJax will break the formatting on a few posts. I looked into the situation (query here), and there are only ~20 posts which have in-line $ delimiters. Workable enough, but folks around these parts will still need to be willing to do a little manual ...


To create an appearance of consistency, someone could add a little css rule for <kbd>. kbd { text-transform: capitalize; } With text-transform: capitalize, regardless of the actual capitalization, the first letter of each word would always display capitalized. Therefore either ctrlr or CtrlR would always appear as CtrlR. Unfortunately capitalize ...


I think this can definitively be over used, but, sometimes, there's no better way; How would you describe a onscreen button or list choice - you could use <kbd>, or italics, but that looks weird to me. So for instance, I would say "Check Transparent under the Film subsection.".


It should work, by adding <!-- language: lang-py --> at the top but oddly it doesn't seem to work here.. def __init__(self): pass

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