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Complete noob. Please find a way so that we (from foreign cultures at least) can express emotion. Cheers


Yes. We don't want to clutter up the site with things such as thanks, etc.. But I am Latin American, and it really, really burns me. I find myself to be unable to behave with such efficiency. It is just rude, in my view, to be so cold and insulting. Cheers.


It seems like it was an issue that affected multiple sites. Details are on main meta. According to Adam Lears' response, this has since been fixed. This is part of our new tradition here at Stack Overflow... Whoops Wednesday. Thanks for the report! The fix is out now.


I don't think your question can be answer here for a variety of reasons. So, my question is: is there a "better" mesh representation than the one blender is using I'm sure there are hundreds, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This is neither an objective question nor a question about using Blender itself, which is what this site ...

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