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We could raise participation by asking the interviewee (out of the kindness of their hearts) to post/tweet/announce the interview so their fans come and visit us. Some members of our site might actually find out about it that way, since not everyone know/reads about chat & meta.


I would add that this same issue is visible on the site chat page: (oddly none of the other chat pages are styled with the new blender site theme.)


Sorry, I forgot to check and fix that part in the excitement of the launch :) The logo has a darker background now in those places.


This also occurs in any of the B.SE chat rooms. For example, part of the conversation with Mike Pan today: (Don't hate on Mike, he realized his mistake soon after :P) You can barely see the "Blender Stack Exchange" next to the new logo.


There's a button which automatically appears on particularly long comment threads. Unfortunately there is currently no other way access this feature. I have not tried the javascript snippet posted in the answer there, but I'd be happy to give it a go if you have a particular conversation in mind.


Yes, as a room owner you'll have the ability to kick/mute users from your room. For a full list of chat-related abilities and privileges, refer to this answer on meta.


To elaborate on what gandalf3 said, no you can not just block a user from your chat room. Chat room are set up to be public, and in normal rooms there is no mechanism to banish a user from just that room. The "kick-mute" feature will last (depending on how frequently the user has been kicked) 1, 5, or 30 minutes. So it is not permanent. Now you can create ...

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