Fixed! All changes should now be visible on the site. P.S. If anyone feels like giving the copy on blend-exchange a good run down and making changes (there are awkward sentences as well as typos), the repo is available here. Changes can be made to files directly on github (no need to mess with git command line).


Thank you so much for pointing this out, this issue affected a large number of other users. The exact error, verbatim from the log: POST Content-Length of 12143120 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0 What was happening (to ALOT of users it seems, based on my error log), is that the file, which is sent in the HTTP post request, ...


I'm the guy who wrote the code for blend-exchange and operates it. The issue has been resolved, thanks for posting this message so I could be notified. The issue was caused by a crashed database due to a ram shortage on my server. This is usually caused by Denial of Service (DoS) attack on the server that hosts blend-exchange. I'm going to do an in-depth ...


When should we be asking question askers for blend files? Sparingly, only when necessary. I very much agree with the question, and have had and stated this position for years. To quote from this answer: There should not be such an emphasize on "the blend." Granted, blends are immensely useful, and help get questions answered quickly. Yet there is ...


Thanks for the report :) I've submitted a fix, chances are it'll be live sooner rather than later. EDIT: The submitted fix is now live.


I received an email about this last Friday, and it was fixed earlier today: https://github.com/GiantCowFilms/Blend-Exchange/commit/c83b20679e658be0a0037b9f79ce1326ed33abc2 Thanks for the report! EDIT: gandalf3, true to form, had a better solution, the code has been updated to use it.


It has been fixed! ^^Now with SSL Certs (you can see that image link points to https). Thanks to @gandalf3 for recommending https://letsencrypt.org/, which allowed me to get free SSL certs for blend-exchange. I still have to update the copy-paste on the website. I will do that soon. in the mean time links can be manually fixed

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