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First you don't have enough rep to see deleted posts. Look at the privileges page you need 10,000 to see deleted posts. The question you linked to has 0 answers, deleted or live. Not sure what you … saw on that one, but there have been no answers (maybe you got your links confused). Last, nope the only rollback operation that exists is to "undo" an edit. From the help pages: What is a …
answered Nov 3 '16 by David
, so 2 days after answering I added them. I would caution you to not answer a question that really should have a picture, and say "image coming soon". As stated in the comments, incomplete answers … frequently answers a question, then shortly (after he finishes recording a video of the process) will updates his answer with a gif. …
answered Oct 10 '14 by David
I think seeing as there is a great deal of overlap between textures and pictures, another category should be added to this answer. Something where free stock photos sites can be put. Sites such as mor …
asked Sep 1 '14 by David
Well you were answer banned. That is why you got the "We are no longer accepting answers from this account" message. Looking at your answers, I think it was probably deleting this one that pushed you … over the edge of SE's low quality filter. As of right now your account does not have any bans against it, so read the linked meta post, keep your questions and answers of good quality, and don't …
answered May 11 '17 by David
it sure is not a difficult thing to fix. In fact some of my most UVed answers are answering simple questions. How to convert a single vertex into a plane within a mesh? How to Model a Keyboard key? Is … questions and award good answers a bonus I would be for that. It might be something like unanswered for more then 3 weeks with more then 4 UVs on the question and less then 100 views, then the bonus kicks in. …
answered Jun 12 '16 by David
In light of our recent event aiming to improve our answer ratio. I think it would be a good idea to consider adding contests to blender.stackexchange.com. The stackexchange site Code golf has a 9.5 an …
asked Nov 6 '14 by David
Looking through old questions I have com across many dead links. There seams to me no real consensus across the SE network as to what should be done with dead links. I have read many questions (1,2,3) …
asked Jan 12 '15 by David
Those are simply kbd tags, defined in the html spec, and styled as such on SE. Here is an example usage: When you really messed up, press AA then DeleteEnter. This is how the sage advice loo …
answered Sep 13 '15 by David
memorable post from 2017. What a year BSE has had. We have had 12,098 questions and 9,435 answers (and counting). Here's to an even better 2018! …
asked Dec 27 '17 by David
I use to flag using the custom reason with something as simple as "Link only answer." As a mod now, that would be great. Just so you know among the three general flag types: not an answer very low …
answered Jan 7 '16 by David
The recording software The top two are by far the most used (on this site): LICEcap Windows and OSX installer GifCam Windows only, but no install (yay) ScreenToGif Newer app, looks very good, Windo …
answered Nov 28 '15 by David
now they're mad, or some other dumb and petty reason. If you wrote a good answer and you know what you are talking about (not one of those "maybe you should try X" sort of answers) then don't take a …
answered May 28 '16 by David
or more of the answers is exemplary and worthy of an additional bounty. After you offer a bounty, there is a time block (24 hours) that you have to wait till you can grant it, but after that you can …
answered Nov 1 '15 by David
yourself. Neither of the users who rightly said it "looks ok" are mods. Now on to what would of happened if a mod got to your flag - we would have declined it. Flags are not for "wrong" answers. You … down vote answers that do not answer the question, or are unhelpful. Any post that attempts to answer the question—however badly—is still an answer! Do not use the "not an answer" flag for wrong …
answered Mar 6 '18 by David
Can the MathJax syntax be turned on for blender.stackexchange.com? There are many instances where math is used in 3D and in blender. Further there are several instances where existing answers would …
asked Apr 28 '15 by David

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