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How do you propose an edit that changes a tag from a synonym to a separate tag?

I've come across edit-mode. It is similar to object-mode, but rather than being a separate tag, it is currently a synonym for editing. since Edit Mode is a specific mode that Objects can be in, it's ...
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1 answer

Revamping tags 2020

Given the recent concerns raised about misuse of tags and incoherent naming of addons this is a tentative proposal to generally improve tag names in Blender Stack Exchange, and bring about some order ...
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Combine prism topics into the caustics tag?

Does anyone see reasons for or against the caustics tag including prism topics? Caustics are not explicitly prism-rendering, but caustics are often prismatic in ...
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Why are numbers "banned" from tag synonym names?

After getting this error message when trying to create a new tag synonym for 3d-view Failed to propose synonym: Version specific synonyms can only be created by moderators I researched it a bit and ...
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Why can't I propose a tag synonym on [customization]?

I tried to suggest the synonym user-preferences → customization, but received this confusing error: I don't see any synonym proposals on user-preferences.. Was a synonym proposed on preferences, ...
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Tag Synonyms with no users

What are the reasons for making some of the tag synonyms? These tags have no users and are not needed but are still in the tag list because they are synonyms. glossy material-nodes bezier As any ...
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6 votes
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What Should We Do About Tags With Different Meanings Depending on the Context

What should we do about tags that can mean different things depending on their context? For example, mirror(although I'm sure there are many others). Mirror can mean: mirror modifier, mirror material ...
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3 answers

Should 'scripting' and 'Python' be made tag synonyms?

I've noticed that nearly every question about scripting ends up getting tagged with both of these tags. Do we really need them both? As I see it, scripting in Blender can only be done in Python, and ...
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2 answers

Tags in need of synonymization

There are some tags that are very much in need of synonymizing, but there isn't anybody on the site with enough rep to request tag synonyms yet. Until then, can we make an informal list of suggestions ...
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Tag synonym request: [.blend-files]->[blend-files]

.blend-files should be synonymized into blend-files as they are fundamentally the same and non-aplhanumerics-or-hyphens should be avoided in tag names whenever possible.
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