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"Meet the Pros" — Scheduled chat #3 with Mike Pan

As you may already know, we are bringing back regular scheduled chats with various blender professionals. We are honored to have the esteemed Mike Pan as our next guest! Mike is well known in the ...
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Bringing back scheduled chat - Meet the Pros

A little over 2 years ago when we entered public beta, to drive traffic to the site and engage our then avid users we came up with the idea of scheduled chats where we picked an active "celebrity" in ...
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"Meet the Pros" -- Scheduled chat #2 with Campbell Barton

In the same style as the previous interview with Jonathan Williamson, Campbell Barton (ideasman_42) has agreed to take some time out of his schedule for a similar session with us. For those who don't ...
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"Meet the Pros" -- Scheduled chat #1 with Jonathan Williamson

Yesterday, I emailed Jonathan Williamson, one of the founders of Blender Cookie, and we're planning on hosting a scheduled chat right here on Blender.SE. The chat will be some sort of interview with ...
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