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Questions about the Blender Stack Exchange Meta website.

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Hovering on the date of a comment changes its color to the default link color

When you hover on the post date of a comment on the meta site, the color of the date changes from light gray to bright orange. This is different from the main site and other metas (at least Stack ...
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1 answer

Tag cleaning discussions

How should we discuss and decide the scopes, synonyms, need for, lack of need, etc. of tags? We have been discussing this mainly on the chat with whichever frequent users happen to be around, but ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What are the policies for accepting meta answers?

I've been asking some meta questions lately, but I'm not sure when a meta answer should be accepted. Since the decisions made in these posts affect the entire site, it doesn't really feel right for ...
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1 answer

Layout and Text problems on Blender meta

I have just asked my first question on Blender meta, and when I tried to submit it I got an error: First, it said '…see the error above.' but there was no error 'above'! The red 'flag thingy', to the ...
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Is the discussion tag redundant? if most posts in meta are tagged with it

look through the posts, doesn't it make more sense to make a non-discussion or notification instead? It's almost like tagging questions with question
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