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Does the community have any say over the design?

Re: Congratulations! Blender is graduating!
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Congratulations! Blender is graduating!

It's a big day. You've been cleared for graduation by the Stack Exchange Community Team! Blender has already met our threshold for graduation-worthy sites, and today joins in the new design-...
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What do you look for in a moderator?

As our site finally reaches graduation, we are getting the opportunity to elect moderators. In the election we will be voting for who should lead us. It is important for the candidates (or those ...
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Moderator Election Coming Soon

I'm happy to announced that this site has been cleared for graduation… congratulations! Unfortunately, there has been a long backlog of sites waiting for their custom site design, so rather ...
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What are we doing wrong that we're still in Beta?

So an earlier answer in the Blender meta site seemed to suggest that 1500 visitors per day was a desirable goal. If I read the stats for the Blender site correctly, were have more than 10,000 visitors ...
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Things to address with Stack Exchange upon graduation?

Our site is wonderful, and I love it, but I'm sure we all realize that it could be improved greatly! Now that SE is going to develop a custom design for us (Which will be soon, they have $40 million) ...
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