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2 answers

How to post code snippets

How do I paste properly formatted code in Stack Exchange? Whenever I try and post code snippets it gets posted as regular text
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2 answers

I could really use MathJax for a series of questions - how to build support for it?

I use blender to illustrate and demonstrate physics and optics, and it's incredibly useful. Blender + Python is a winning combination for science. I'd like to ask several questions, and they involve ...
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1 answer

Can we rethink requesting MathJaX?

I know this has already been brought up and (sort of) rejected, but that was over a year ago and I think it deserves a new discussion. Computer graphics is an inherently mathematical subject (we do ...
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0 answers

Tips for new users

The Zen of BSE as I see it BSE isn't a forum The search facility (top right) works great! Use it - you'll be surprised what you find. Your posts can be edited by anyone. This is normal. You wont ...
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How do we enhance the SE spell check dictionary?

Ever notice how some common Blender words that we use on a regular basis, e.g. viewport, SHFT, CTRL, and wireframe, always throw a spelling exception? Is there any way to get these, and other common ...
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3 answers

Overuse of code snippet formatting

I often notice people using the code snippet formatting for many more things than showing code, often just to emphasize things. ...
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7 votes
3 answers

What case should letters inside <kbd> tags be?

What case should letters inside <kbd> tags be? e.g. ⎈ ctrlr ⎈ CtrlR ⎈ CTRLR Any there any advantages or disadvantages to different ...
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5 votes
2 answers

How to add the boxes around the keyboard buttons?

When I posted an answer for someones question: It got edited and these key box's were added. They look nifty, but because I'm new, I don't ...
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8 votes
2 answers

How do we get syntax highlighted python in this stack exchange?

maybe im missing something.. but this should show some colours at the very least. (insert some generic python here) for i in range(40): print("something") I ...
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