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3 answers

Mark comment as answer

I'm new to this style of forum software. How do I mark a question thread in this forum as answered (presumably beneficial for potential future viewers of the question) when the answer was given in a ...
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Do you know of any trustworthy blender tutorial forums?

I was wondering if you know of a trustworthy blender tutorial forum, as in with tutorials that are up-to-date and idiot proof? I don't want to ask questions on Blender stack that are not acceptable ...
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15 votes
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Tips for new users

The Zen of BSE as I see it BSE isn't a forum The search facility (top right) works great! Use it - you'll be surprised what you find. Your posts can be edited by anyone. This is normal. You wont ...
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specific add-on tags

Recently a tag was created for animation-nodes, so I decided to also create the wiki tag for sverchok. These are both big non-trivial add-ons and totally deserve a tag. Before I start tagging the ...
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Is there an issue posting your own for-sale add-on as an answer?

I have recently created an add-on, which is for sale on the Blender Market, that I think answers a question by a user on the main part of site. (A question that doesn't yet have an accepted answer). ...
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Etiquette for asking for files

Often times the easiest way to find the answer to a question is by inspecting the OP's blendfile. I personally try and ask for a .blend in a way which describes a few possible causes (in case it ...
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5 votes
4 answers

Overuse of images in answers

Some answers are including images just to show a menu-item. eg: original post I'm concerned that doing this too much makes posts harder to update (if blender changes), where: ...
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What should our FAQ contain?

Coming from Programmers where we've had entire wars over site scope and the FAQ, I think it'd be good to get this hammered out as soon as possible. So what should the FAQ contain?
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