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How to record and upload animated screen shot [duplicate]

A lot of posts and answers on blender.stackexchange have nifty animated screen captures to show where/how to select various options, or to show "live" examples of problems one is facing in blender. ...
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Animated gifs of Blender [duplicate]

I see a lot of questions and answers posted here with animated gifs of various sections of the viewport attached to them. Can anyone tell me how this is done? Does it involve a 3rd party application ...
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How do I create video clips that demo the sequence I'm using? [duplicate]

Some responses to my questions show a short video clip that demos the actions they recommend. How are those video clips created?
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I wanna upload Blender screenshot videos here. What are the best open source screen capture programs for Windows 11? [duplicate]

I wanna upload Blender screenshot videos here. What are the best open source screen capture programs for Windows 11? Is a GIF recorder good?
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Pre-canned comments to help users?

I often find myself writing the same comments over an over again, each time getting more brisk and less helpful. I thought it would be good to have a selection of pre-canned comments to pull from... ...
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How to post gifs on this site?

Most replies to my comments have "gif" images. How do I put them in my posts? Adding a new image doesn't work. Also, this will help with asking questions because I always need to show examples.
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Newbie question: New to the board, is it OK to post Jing video screencaps?

I'm new to blender, and I will surely have many questions in the weeks to come. This is a visual platform, so I like to use screencap video to show my points. Is it OK to post links to SWF videos ...
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placing .gifs in text

I have read how to post gifs on this site, but I can't get that to work for me. I tried using Gfycat and everytime I try and upload the images I get an error saying ...
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BSE has a external image problem

We all will agree that there should not be images hosted externally. However in the past it has been accepted to host gifs larger than the 2mb size limit of ...
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How do I attach files in comments and sub-comments?

I can't find a way to attach files (specifically rendered videos .mkv or "FFmpeg" in blender) to my comments. I'm new to the site so it might actually be really obvious.
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What Animation FIle Types Should Be Used in Questions/Answers?

I'm sure this has to be a duplicate, but I haven't been able to find where it's answered -- a link to the existing answer would be appreciated! For still images I've used jpgs for all my questions and ...
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Upload images in comments [duplicate]

How do I upload an image from desktop to this site to reply on a comment? Can someone share the steps and share the necessary links?
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