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UPDATED (December 24) Blender site design

I’m Courtny, senior product designer at Stack Overflow! I’m super happy for this community, because we have started on your site's design. Your Site Design The idea of the design is a reflection of ...
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Can we have a service for uploading blendfiles?

Can we have a service for uploading .blend files on the Ask Question page? This would be useful for many cases, in particular for new users. Many questions simply need a .blend to describe the ...
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Including a .blend file

How do I put a .blend file in my questions? Thats really all I have to ask, even though I have to fit a certain amount of characters.
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Button to insert <kbd></kbd> for users

I come across a lot of posts which lack proper hotkey formatting: any key And I change it to: AnyKey It would save me 11 keystrokes per ...
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Where to upload .blend files - non-expiring links

People can upload their blend files to various site such as pasteall, google drive, and dropbox. The problem with these file hosts is that: pasteall: links expire after 5 months dropbox/drive: upload ...
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Blender site design ideas - input welcome!

First, congratulations on the upcoming graduation of your site! My name is Kurtis, and I'm the Stack Exchange team member who will be working on the design for your graduated site. I've read your ...
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Allow permanent blend file hosting

Now that we are officially (yay) a part of SE, we can revisit one of the main issues that has "plagued" our community and been largely inconsistent with our derived meta of how our site should work. ...
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How to upload a blend file on BSE - good practices and advice

There are multiple topics asking where, and answer giving websites such as Blend-Exchange, but not much guidance on how to do it, what to include, ... Thing is, while for most questions it's just a ...
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Where is the "Include your .blend" button?

I have to say the GiantCowFilms services are really amazing. It seems they are "official BSE .blend cloud", at least from my point of view (orthographic?). The ability to post a .blend file, link it ...
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Can you delete a Blend Exchange file after is has been uploaded?

I might have a question I would like to ask on blender stack exchange but I feel to get the best answer it would be beneficial to upload my blend file in its entirety. This question could be ...
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Why there is no button for attaching a .blend directly in the editor? [duplicate]

I hope I won't be penalized that this is the question related to this site, not the Blender. My question why there is already no button in the post editor that would allow to attach a .blend file ...
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