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How do I upload a question with a moving gif image? [duplicate]

How do I upload a question with a moving gif image? It is inconvenient to have to link only the video of YouTube every time.
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What is the process for creating gifs for questions and answers?

We now have over 1600 posts with gifs in them, gifs are very popular and useful; however it seems that they can be hard to create. I have read placing .gifs in text and How to post gifs on this site?, ...
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How do I ask a question that is hard to describe?

I'm new to Blender and I ran into a problem, I'm not sure of how to accurately explain my problem. How can I best explain/show the community the issue I'm having to get some help?
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Guidelines on the usage of StackExchange Markup and style

The basics are explained in formatting help, but perhaps for sake of homogeneity we can adopt a style guide concerning conventions with examples of how to and not to mark-up content. Well established ...
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If a user has put links to images in a post, is it OK to move them imgur and editing the post to show the images inline?

When reviewing this post through the First Posts review queue, I was going to edit to convert links to images to inline inages, but when I saw that the images were not hosted at imgur, I decided ...
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How to record steps in Blender

Sometimes here people post amazing gifs that show their workflow. These are really compact sequences, often with keyboard shortcuts displayed. How does one do that? And what additional software is ...
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BSE has a external image problem

We all will agree that there should not be images hosted externally. However in the past it has been accepted to host gifs larger than the 2mb size limit of ...
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Are we now stuck with the gif, post, and thread tags?

Recently this question was migrated from the main site. The OP created the gif, post, and thread tags when originally posting the question, which were then removed by the migration process. The tags ...
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What Animation FIle Types Should Be Used in Questions/Answers?

I'm sure this has to be a duplicate, but I haven't been able to find where it's answered -- a link to the existing answer would be appreciated! For still images I've used jpgs for all my questions and ...
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Animated gifs of Blender [duplicate]

I see a lot of questions and answers posted here with animated gifs of various sections of the viewport attached to them. Can anyone tell me how this is done? Does it involve a 3rd party application ...
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How do i upload a screencast video to my Blender question? [duplicate]

I would like to include a screencast video in my Blender question, but I do not know how to upload a video. It is in AVI JPEG format currently. Thank you!
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Upload images in comments [duplicate]

How do I upload an image from desktop to this site to reply on a comment? Can someone share the steps and share the necessary links?
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