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Pre-canned comments to help users?

I often find myself writing the same comments over an over again, each time getting more brisk and less helpful. I thought it would be good to have a selection of pre-canned comments to pull from... ...
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Beginner's Reference

Update: Since this post is less likely to be seen by visitors to the site and is technically not what meta is for (we were working on the kinks at the time), there is now a community maintained wiki ...
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What would be wrong with tutorials as long as they describe a reusable workflow?

First bullet point in What questions should be definitely off-topic? is : Requests for tutorials Can anyone show me how to model/rig/animate X? Can anyone make a tutorial on doing X? although I ...
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What should our custom off-topic close reasons be?

Custom close reasons have been live for a while now. We currently have 2 of the (3) given in use but a recent surge in questions being closed has prompted the need for a few more that are more ...
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Answering vague support questions (once)?

There are certain questions that don't fit our criteria very well, eg: Why is blender crashing? Why is blender's viewport so slow? Why is blender running slow? Why am I running out of memory? The ...
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Should 'scripting' and 'Python' be made tag synonyms?

I've noticed that nearly every question about scripting ends up getting tagged with both of these tags. Do we really need them both? As I see it, scripting in Blender can only be done in Python, and ...
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Why is this website designed so horribly? [closed]

I could literally go on for days about the problems with this specific forum website and its inability to provide even a modicum of helpful answers, so instead of being specific lets be general. Why ...
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Why are 2.8 questions off topic?

I have a question about my Blender Stack Exchange post: How to do a simple smoke in 2.8 eevee Anyway what can be asked and what cannot is almost to the point of semantics. I understand the reasoning. ...
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My question "The Blender add-on Render:POVray has a warning that 'this script is RC/... what does this mean?" was closed as off topic... Why?

I have admittedly revised the question, several times, in order to comply with the requirements of "non meta" blender stack-exchange. At first I had a request for opinion, I removed. Then I was ...
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Is this an acceptable place to ask for feedback on a sculpt? If not what would be a better place?

Feedback from people who know what they are doing would be helpful in getting better, but I do not know a great place to ask for that feedback.
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What is the proper action for a question that requests links to tutorials

Quite often we get the following question: Can I get recommendations or links for tutorials on such and such topic? This is not about requests to make custom made tutorials, but explicitly looking ...
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Regarding questions and answers as tutorials

Since I proposed the list of possible topics that should be off-topic, it seems it has been well received and people are working with it. However, there have been several discussions in chat, numerous ...
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Can you ask too many Questions?

My question is if someone can ask to many questions on this site or are they allowed to ask as many questions as they want?
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Are questions about modifying the source code allowed here?

I downloaded and built the source code to add a few tweaks that I couldn't add with scripting. Are questions about the source code allowed here?
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Where would be a good location to post a Blender Addon request/idea?

I have a pretty good idea for a blender addon I figured I should throw out into the addon developing community. Would Blender Meta be the place to do this? Or the Blender Surface Site? Or should I use ...
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