I've noticed that these sorts of questions are suddenly being closed:

However these weren't always closed, for instance Cause of black artifacts in render? (from one of the same tutorials even).

I feel like we should decide one way or another.

I don't really see any difference between these questions and the usual "Something X is weird, why?" questions.
Are there any reasons to exclude these kinds of questions from our scope?


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This may be a little contentious, but in the case of "What face do I extrude in this tutorial?" it's a little bit like helping someone with a paint-by-numbers painting. It's not teaching them to paint, it's us showing them how to do the thing that should have been made clear in the tutorial.

They weren't having a problem with the concept of extrude, but the problem with the clarity of the tutorial, and that's why I think we should not encourage questions like that.

But there are questions about tutorials which I think are valid to answer once, for example scripting tutorials which reference deprecated API (for example the CGcookie AudioVisualizer tutorial. I think it generated about 5 questions here, and maybe 10 question on BA.org).

There's a nuance here which might not be easy to enforce or get agreement on.


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