I would recommend that the and tags be merged.


  • The only part of Python that should be discussed on Blender.SE is the Blender Python (bpy) API. Anything else is not in the scope of Blender.SE and should be asked on StackOverflow.
  • Clearly anything related to the Python API is related to Python.

I have already submitted a synonym request at the python-api tag but I don't have enough rep to suggest it on the python tag. If possible it should probably be that is kept while is removed, because the latter is unnecessarily verbose.


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The tag was removed since people ignore the subtle differences, it's now just .

I am tempted to merge these ever so often but since we support a strict subset of Python related questions, it is ok to have both of these in my opinion.

There are currently questions here that use but aren't directly related to . I agree that tagging every and related question with is kinda redundant and the last two seem to be used interchangeably but at the moment, the tag is general enough to also apply to these.

Here are some tagged Python questions that have little or nothing to do with the api.

What we could do however is revisit the scope of this tag.



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