One day, when I was horrendously frustrated, I wrote a bad word on here because someone called me retarded. Then, I got blocked, and blender won't let me ask any questions for another 24 hours. This is urgent; I'm having an issue on blender that I have to solve or else I won't be able to do what I need done.


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Your auto question ban has nothing to do with you writing a "bad word" in a comment. (Although you really shouldn't do that.) It is because your questions have all been what SE calls "not well received." Which is a polite way of saying that you need to write better questions. (I sent you a message about this a week ago.) These auto bans us mods can not change, so you are stuck till tomorrow.
If this really is so pressing you could try on blender artists, or blender's discord, or on the blender sub reddit.

Please do read through the info I sent you. If you continue to write unclear, low effort posts you will find yourself bumping into the auto ban again.
As a bonus good clear questions are vastly more likely to get answered.

(PS writing "urgent" and "need it done fast" are good ways to ensure you get an answer slower.)


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